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Seminar Series

We’re thrilled to bring you another great schedule of seminar presentations daily!

Pinky McKay takes the Brisbane Stage TWICE a day, offering gentle options to encourage infant settling and sleep as well as sharing her top tips on toddler tactics. Mater Mothers’ Nurses will provide an overview of CPR for babies & toddlers and much more.

Daily Timetable Timing
Pinky McKay – Sleep, Love & Your Baby’s Brain 1035am-1115pm
Australian Breastfeeding Association – Breastfeeding Information Session 1125pm-1150am
Mater Mothers – Exploring Birth Options 1200pm-1220pm
Red Nose – Safe Sleeping 105pm-130pm
Mater Mothers – Overview of CPR for Babies and Toddlers 140pm-205pm
Pinky McKay – Toddler Tactics 215pm-305pm

*Timetable subject to change


Pinky McKay is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), with a busy private practice in Melbourne specialising in gentle parenting techniques that offer effective, proven alternatives to “baby training” approaches.

Pinky is a best-selling author with four titles published by Penguin; Sleeping Like a baby, 100 Ways to Calm the Crying, Toddler Tactics and Parenting By Heart – all endorsed by The Australian Breastfeeding Association, La Leche League International and The Australian Association of Infant Mental Health. Pinky is also the creator of Boobie Bikkies, nutritious, organic cookies to help boost the energy and encourage a healthy milk supply for breastfeeding mothers. She is an expert source for media appearing regularly on major network TV and quoted in various publications. Her real-world experience stems from being the mother of five and grandmother of three.

Mater Mothers’ First Aid for Babies

Learn some of the life-saving baby first aid and CPR techniques from the Mater Mothers’ first aid for babies’ course, offered in collaboration with Mater Education. Baby first aid and CPR is something you hope you never have to use, but the knowledge is invaluable for all parents and grandparents.

A first aid educator will help you understand how to respond to an emergency using an easy to remember approach and how to identify when to go to the hospital. The talk will also cover basic CPR techniques from how to position your hands, to the strength and frequency of compressions required. You can also find out about booking into one of our comprehensive Mater Mothers’ first aid for babies courses.

Australian Breastfeeding Association – Breastfeeding Information Session

Learn about the basics of breastfeeding in the early days at this informative session designed to help new parents get off to a great start. During pregnancy, expectant parents are naturally very focused on the birth but it is important to learn as much as possible about breastfeeding before your baby arrives – there is not much learning time between the birth and the first feed!

Presented by experienced breastfeeding counselors from the Australian Breastfeeding Association, this informative session covers how breastfeeding works, milk supply and where to find support.  You can also find out about booking in to one of our comprehensive Breastfeeding Education Classes for expectant parents.

Red Nose – Safe Sleeping

Babies and young children spend a lot of their time sleeping, so it’s vital they are slept in a safe sleeping environment to reduce the risk of SIDS and fatal sleeping accidents.

Red Nose provides evidence-based community education programs and supports world class research. Since introducing the Sleep Safe My Baby public health program in 1990 we have reduced the risk of SIDS and sleeping accidents in Australia by 80%. There is no rulebook for parents and carers. But there are facts. And that’s the only thing we are interested in.